My passion for film blossomed from a young age, sat with my family back when I lived in Spain, watching films and shows from all over the world.  I was not only moved, but very curious about how through sound and image, a stranger could cultivate so many emotions in an audience.  I was attracted to the magic of television, the way storytelling has the ability to make you feel happiness, excitement, anxiety or melancholy.  And how some films can stay with you for a lifetime, as if story unfolding on screen was a memory of your own.

Moving to London ten years ago gave me the opportunity to study and graduate on BA (Hons) Film Practice at London College of Communication, with a specialism in film editing.  Now, I am striving to walk down the path that can fulfil my life-long goal of creating more films like the ones that made me travel to imaginary worlds when I was a kid.