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My passion for film blossomed from a young age, sat with my family back when I lived in Spain, watching films and shows from all over the world.  I was not only moved, but very curious about how through sound and image, a stranger could cultivate so many emotions in an audience.  I was attracted to the magic of television, the way storytelling has the ability to make you feel happiness, excitement, anxiety or melancholy.  And how some films can stay with you for a lifetime, as if story unfolding on screen was a memory of your own.

Moving to London ten years ago gave me the opportunity to study and graduate on BA (Hons) Film Practice at London College of Communication in 2017, with a specialism in film editing.  Now, having worked in the industry for more than five years, I am fulfilling my life-long goal of creating more films like the ones that made me travel to imaginary worlds when I was a kid.

In my last full time role I worked as a Video Editor and Post Production Coordinator for “Unsolved Studios”, a crimed focused entertainment company, producing fictional narrative content spanning genres from Crime Thrillers to Romance Dramas on many different formats, as well as social media content for Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.  One of the TikTok videos I edited got more than 100,000 views in just a couple of days.

Working as a Post Production Coordinator while also editing video, has given me a deep understanding of the creative process and improved my story-telling, sound design, colour correction and organisational skills.

Not only can I create motion graphics through After Effects, but I also enjoy a big part of my free time watching and creating content for YouTube and TikTok (when I’m not watching TV shows or films). 

​I believe I can successfully bring your vision to the screen, let's make videos together!

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